Dummy Chains & Dummies

There are certain things that you simply cannot go without when you have a baby or toddler in your life. Over and above the nappies and bibs, you should always have dummy chains and dummies on hand. The dummy is a parent’s key tool to soothe a grumpy or tired child that needs a little bit of comfort. Dummy chains, too, are critical to maintaining peace in the household. A dummy is no good if you can't find it, right? We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality baby clothes and accessories to parents around the world. Our teams source amazing materials for our clothes, ensuring that your little angel is always dressed their best. We make use of durable and baby-friendly materials that stand the test of time without irritating your little one’s delicate skin. We firmly believe in form and function - your baby should be able to look good and live life to the fullest. We’re talking about a full range of motion, maximum comfort, and supreme style, all in one. Read More

Dummy Chains and Dummies are Must-Haves

Any parent will attest to the necessity of a dummy for babies and toddlers. Sometimes, your little one just needs that extra sense of comfort that only a dummy can bring. So, you want to be prepared to soothe them when they're feeling tired or upset. The trouble with dummies is that they frequently and notoriously go missing. They seem to grow legs and walk off of their own accord. Alternatively, babies with grabbing hands love to pitch their dummies in every direction, then get very upset when they realise their favourite thing is gone.

That’s where dummy chains come in. The combination of dummy chains and dummies is a match made in heaven - gone are the days of missing and discarded dummies. Simply pick out a stylish dummy chain to fasten to your baby’s clothing and attach it to their favourite dummy. Voila! You just saved yourself a headache.

The My Little Wardrobe Experience

When you buy baby clothes from My Little Wardrobe, you’re guaranteed to have a fast shipping experience and access to great customer service support. We aim to ship your orders as quickly and reliably as possible. That’s because we know how excited you are to see your new baby clothes in person. Similarly, we are always ready to answer your questions about our products. Whatever your query, head to the Contact Us page and fill out a contact form. One of our customer service team members will soon get back to you with all the information you seek.

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