5 Girls Winter Outfits Hacks For The Chilly Season

Girls dresses are the perfect choice for your little girl this winter season. Winter might not seem like a great time for cute little dresses and sandals, but with the right outfit hacks, you can easily turn dresses into your go-to winter fashion. In fact, with all the layering trends these days, girls can stay warm without having to compromise on their outfit’s style. Read on to find out how you can keep your girls warm and stylish this winter.  

Layer up!

The key to getting a perfect winter outfit is layering. Layering is not just putting on whatever feels warm until your baby girl is too tightly packed to even move, but to mix and match just the right amount of layers to make the most comfortable and warm outfit. 

Layers come in different forms, and there is especially a great variety for girls to choose from: scarves, leggings, coats, sweaters, and the list goes on. Stock up on printed scarves for your toddler, mainly in colours that go well with most clothing items. My Little Wardrobe has a range of adorable hats and scarves sets in neutral colours like black, brown, white, blue and grey. Of course, you can also buy some brighter-coloured layers to brighten up your little diva’s outfit, but the neutrals are a must-have. 

The hack is simple: Match basic baby girl dresses with layers that go well with it. For instance, a pink basic dress would look great with warm white tights, a white scarf around the neck, and a white sweater. On the other hand, for those girls who are not too fond of pink, pairing up a white tee with blue jeans, a beige scarf, and a black coat would look absolutely dashing.

Wear warm colours

Just like you would wear lighter, cooler colours in the summer to look and stay cool, dressing your baby girl in warm colours is a great way to get through winter. Every season has its own mood, and that is what sets the colour themes for fashion, too. Girls' dresses for the winter are no different.

Warm colours help with layering as well. They can go with funky leggings or bright outerwear. From girls’ party dresses to newborn dresses, choose the colours wisely for your baby and for the occasion. Wearing bright designs and colourful patterns will make a total fashion statement, while neutral colours will give your baby girl a classy look. 

Keep their feet warm

Socks and shoes are one of the most important parts of your girl’s outfits in winter. No winter outfit is complete without good fluffy boots and warm winter stockings. However, to keep your baby girl’s feet dry and warm, it is important to ensure that her footwear is waterproof especially if she will be playing in the snow. But, if her shoes do get wet, avoid drying them with a heater or hairdryer as it ruins the quality and texture. Instead, try this hack: Stuff some newspaper inside the socks and just leave it to dry. The newspaper absorbs the moisture and helps maintain the shape of the footwear, too.

Mittens or gloves?

As it turns out, mittens are a better choice to keep your toddler’s hands warm. Gloves are great for everyday use, too, but mittens can keep her warmer. You may find, however, that there is a wider variety of colours and designs available in most stores for gloves instead of mittens. Another hack is to look for fingerless mittens too. They look very stylish with certain outfits.

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