Mealtime can be quite chaotic with babies and toddlers. There seems to be no limit to the amount of food they can fling back in your face! Protect your baby’s clothing (and catch what they spit out) with our awesome selection of bibs for boys and girls. My Little Wardrobe offers a wide range of bibs online for your convenience. Browse our awesome collection of bibs to find the style and shape that suits you and your baby best. We’re sure that you’ll find bibs that complement your baby’s personality and protect their outfits at the same time. From simple cotton bibs to waterproof bibs and everything in between, we’ve got the food-flinging solution you seek. Read More

Bibs of every shape and size available online

We’ve got a range of bibs in store to suit your baby’s style. We guarantee that you’ll find something that works well for you and your baby and makes mealtimes a lot more peaceful (and easy to clean).

We’ve got simple bandana bibs, including personalised bibs, with quick and easy snap closures. Or, if you prefer a traditional tie-back bib, browse our stunning cotton bibs with lace and baubles and all kinds of precious trims.

If you’re looking for something that offers more… coverage, then we’ve also got a range of silicone bibs and waterproof bibs! These options are ideal with preventing the spread of meal-time mess and are super easy to wash afterwards. Think about how much lighter your laundry loads will be when you don't have to wash every outfit worn at dinner! See, you can buy bibs online that meet needs you didn't even know you had.

You’re in the right place to protect your baby’s clothes from stains, catch food and mess before it even happens, and reduce the stress of mealtimes.

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