Scarfs & Beanies

One of the best ways to keep your newborn and baby girls and boys warm and cosy (or to make their outfit even more adorable) is to dress them in scarves and beanies! My Little Wardrobe stocks a range of headwear for baby girls and baby boys, all of which are available in a range of colours, patterns, and styles. Whatever style you’re aspiring to, we’ve got great accessories and headwear to suit your baby’s style. Whether it's minimalist and monochrome, ultra-cute, or totally hipster, you’ll find your favourites right here on My Little Wardrobe. Read More

Cosy scarves and beanies for little boys and girls

We offer a wide range of scarves and beanies to suit any season and occasion. From top knot baby turbans to personalised beanies, we’ve got the styles you’ve been dreaming of.

Knitted beanies make for cosy winter-warmers, keeping your little boys and girls warmer and more comfortable. Add style and personality to your newborn’s outfits with adorable baby turbans. Or, accessorise with matching scarf and beanie sets for your little one, complete with fluffy pompoms!

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy winter essential, try our adorable matching mum and baby beanies. You can match your little one and keep warm, all in one.

Keep warm during the winter months

Everyone loses warmth from the top of their head, and your baby is no different. Particularly during the winter months, keep your baby girls and boys warmer and more comfortable with cute scarves and beanies that complement their outfits. Easy to add or remove when you notice your baby is a little uncomfortable, scarves and beanies are a quick and easy solution that any parent should arm themselves with.

Fast and reliable shipping for you

Buy scarves and beanies online and enjoy a fast and reliable shipping experience with My Little Wardrobe. Our customer service is of the highest standard - we love to exceed your expectations and get your baby clothes shipped to you in no time.

Send us your questions

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