Our Kids Streetwear Fashion Guide

Streetwear is all about casual clothing — which is good news for parents who are looking for a style of kids fashion that is both comfortable and trend-setting. A classic streetwear look requires little more than an oversized tee, jeans, sneakers, and maybe a cap to top the whole thing off!

Keeping up with the latest trends is easy when you shop with My Little Wardrobe. We’re passionate about providing parents (and their kids) with the trendiest clothing, footwear, and accessories, all in one simple location. Our collection includes clothing from some of the world’s most popular childrenswear brands, as well as our very own clothing line, making it easy to source kids streetwear that your children will love.

If you’re looking for kids streetwear, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover top tips for creating the ultimate streetwear look in our kids streetwear fashion guide.

Choose Comfort Over Style

As much as you want your kid to be up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, comfort should always be prioritised over style. After all — your child’s main priority is probably to play! The last thing you want is to dress them in an outfit that doesn’t allow them to keep up with their friends.

This isn’t a particular problem when it comes to kids streetwear, given that streetwear is a very casual style of clothing. A hoodie, jeans, and sneakers are the perfect outfit that offers style but not at the expense of comfort.

Dress For The Weather

Whether winter or summer, kids are unlikely to want to play outside unless they’re dressed for the weather. Streetwear is a very ubiquitous style of clothing and can easily be adapted depending on the weather conditions outside.

If the weather is heating up, swap your child’s hoodie for an oversized tee. Jeans or sweatpants can be replaced with comfy track shorts for a streetwear look that is stylish and appropriate for the weather.

Winter kids streetwear is characterised by layers. Add our Denim Hoodie Jacket to any streetwear outfit for a cosy, casual, and cohesive look. 


The right accessories will quickly transform an everyday outfit into a streetwear-inspired look. 

No kids streetwear outfit is complete without a cap, and fortunately, My Little Wardrobe has a wide selection available, covering many different colours and styles. You can even personalise your child’s cap!

Kids streetwear is also about showing off big brands, which isn’t a problem when shopping with My Little Wardrobe. In addition to our clothing line, we stock some of Australia’s leading childrenswear brands, many of which sell hats and accessories that proudly show off their logo. Check out the Little Renegade Company’s Denim and Tan Cap to see what we mean!

Shop With My Little Wardrobe For The Latest Styles and Trends

Whether you’re searching for kids streetwear, formal wear, or anything in between, My Little Wardrobe has you covered with our comprehensive range of stylish children’s clothing. As a family-owned business, we know that parents want clothing that is both trendy and durable. Choose from our broad range of clothing, footwear, and accessories that will have your child looking the trendiest on the playground!


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