Our Little Helpers - Cotton Dummy Clips | Petite Strap

Our Little Helpers - Cotton Dummy Clips | Petite Strap


Cotton Dummy Clips

All of our dummy chains have been lab tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. Above all, our completed dummy clips and completed dummy chains have passed strict safety testing. So you can feel confident knowing you are purchasing a safe dummy chain from us. Also, our dummy chains are hand made in Australia, by myself and other mums.


Petite Chain:

The petite dummy chain is 1.2cm wide and has a nylon cord at the end to attach the dummy. The Petite Strap is perfect for newborns or toddlers and makes for a beautiful understated accessory while they’re so tiny. The strap is made from durable 100% cotton.

The Vintage material while beautiful, its not as thick and robust and is approximately 1.5cm wide. Therefore the ‘Vintage’ material is more suited for newborns or as a decorative occasional dummy chain. The material is strong but if used as an every day dummy chain it will become twisted and lose its decorative crochet feature and may require more care or replacing sooner.

All of our dummy chains can be matched with a BIBS colour dummy. If you would like help with matching your colours, email us and we can help.

You can read about the development of our unique dummy clip design, dummy chain safety standards and testing requirements here.

Waterproof Storage Bag

Our waterproof travel bags are brilliant for storing your personalised dummy chains and BIBS dummies. You can store anything in your nappy bag that you want to keep separate or clean. Each bag is lined with waterproof material so you can store wet products also. The bag is approximately 20cm x 25cm. Therefore, the bag is the perfect size to be carried or stored in your nappy bag, backpack, or under the pram.

We made our bag with two pockets with zippers so you can keep things separated if needed.  Our bag is available in stylish and gender-neutral black only. The colours will not run when machine-washed with your regular washing.

Dummy Clip Safety and Care

Above all, safety of your baby is our number one priority. Please read our safety and care page for instructions while using this product here.

You can read more about Australian legislation and safety standards here.


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